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Engraving Services by Abigail Kempson

We all have them —- those beloved, tattered old bits of sheet music, covered in faded pencil scratches of ornaments, translations, tempo markings, cartoon eyeglasses to remind us to look at the conductor. Or that coveted copy of a rare edition that happens to be hand-written and almost impossible to read, or poorly aligned. Abigail Kempson is here to help with nice. legible, freshly engraved copies. Your eyes will thank you, and so will your audition pianist.

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The College Audition Blog

Today’s young artist is versatile, and The college Audition Blog has you covered, with advice you can use about opera, musical theatre, acting, music ed, and more. You’ll find lists of overdone musical theatre songs, what to expect from a career in opera, advice on financing college, and a whole lot more. Written by Matthew Edwards, an Maintained by Matthew Edwards, an Associate Professor of Voice and Musical Theatre Styles Specialist at Shenandoah Conservatory and his wife, soprano Jacqlyn Zito-Edwards , this well-written blog is a treasure trove of resources not only for young singers, but for educators.

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Opera Tales for Children

Children’s opera is wonderful for so many reasons: outreach and audience-building, publicity, grant-writing, opportunities for young singers to perform short roles … if you’re part of a summer workshop, YAP, or education branch of an opera company, you’re probably regularly looking for options. Opera Tales are written by singer and director John Davies, based on classic fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood and The Bremen Town Musicians, with music drawn from a wide variety of operas. With small casts, minimal production needs, and modest royalties, they’re ideal for touring.

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