How to MusicTheatre from the Operatic Stage

Chanteuse/Singer, Actor, Writer, Speaker, Voice Teacher, and Speaking Coach --- Susan Eichhorn Young is "all things voice" and she is bringing her expertise in dual genres to bear in special, women-only workshops for female opera singers who want to learn how to expand their careers into musical theatre.  You can join her Facebook group for Q&A, discussion, and live videos, and get on her mailing list for updates on the next workshop. 

The Women in Opera Database

Artists' manager Ana de Archuleta spearheaded the creation of this resource to aid and encourage the hiring of female-identified professionals in the field of opera. The database lists and links to female designers, directors, stage managers, coach accompanists, conductors, composers, librettists, artist managers, administrators, development directors, marketing directors, educators, and general, artistic, and executive directors. Visit it here.

The Enterprising Musician's Guide to Performer Contracts

Singer, attorney, and music professor David Williams works with singers to help them understand, negotiate, and troubleshoot contracts. His new book designed to offer plain-language interpretations of contractual legalese is a must-have for any working artist's bookshelf. Buy it here

Singer's Practice Plan, Log, and Journal: A Planner for Singing Students

Practice journals are wonderful organization tools for professional singers and students alike. Voice teacher Nancy Bos has created an attractive and well-organized planner, complete with monthly and weekly calendars,  repertoire logs, weekly practice logs and journals, and even some blank music paper for scribbling down that cadenza you keep trying to remember. Get yours here

Nicholas Palleson

Baritone and mental performance consultant Nicholas Pallesen has made it his mission to help artists get "out of their heads and into their lives". Via 1:1 sessions and workshops, he coaches singers on a variety of topics including overcoming performance anxiety and achieving your goals with less angst and effort. 

Acting Coach Marc Verzatt

I am pleased and proud to call director and acting coach Marc Verzatt a longtime mentor and friend. I've known him since my apprentice days at Chicago Lyric Opera, where he was an assistant director, and I hire him to teach acting to my Spotlight on Opera students. Marc has a unique perspective and system for coaching singers and helping them achieve the performances they want to achieve. I cannot recommend him highly enough. 

Bridie Coughlan

Makeup and hair artist with over 10 years of experience working in headshots, events, film, and fashion. Also, available for private instructional coaching or consultation.


I'm privileged to get to work with some of the best makeup artists in the business. I love Bridie so much that I've hired her three times --- twice for videos, and most recently for my latest photo shoot. She's sweet, sunny, professional, and she does a GREAT job.


Vogmask is "the original stylish filtering respirator", designed to reduce the potential exposure of the wearer to airborne hazardous contaminants (and conceived at Burning Man for maximum hipster cred). It comes in microfiber and organic materials, with many choices of cool prints and colors. Perfect for the traveling singer who would prefer not to share the air with that guy in the window seat who's hacking up a lung.

Michelle's Embellishments

Soprano Michelle Trovato's enterprising side hustle involves creating luxurious handmade capelets, blingy belts, faux fur headbands and scarves, feather collars, hair accessories, and beautiful sleeves for sleeveless dresses --- everything a diva needs to kick it up a notch. She went the extra mile to handcraft a gorgeous teal faux fur wrap for me, and I love it!