Bridie Coughlan

Makeup and hair artist with over 10 years of experience working in headshots, events, film, and fashion. Also, available for private instructional coaching or consultation.


I'm privileged to get to work with some of the best makeup artists in the business. I love Bridie so much that I've hired her three times --- twice for videos, and most recently for my latest photo shoot. She's sweet, sunny, professional, and she does a GREAT job.


Vogmask is "the original stylish filtering respirator", designed to reduce the potential exposure of the wearer to airborne hazardous contaminants (and conceived at Burning Man for maximum hipster cred). It comes in microfiber and organic materials, with many choices of cool prints and colors. Perfect for the traveling singer who would prefer not to share the air with that guy in the window seat who's hacking up a lung.

Michelle's Embellishments

Soprano Michelle Trovato's enterprising side hustle involves creating luxurious handmade capelets, blingy belts, faux fur headbands and scarves, feather collars, hair accessories, and beautiful sleeves for sleeveless dresses --- everything a diva needs to kick it up a notch. She went the extra mile to handcraft a gorgeous teal faux fur wrap for me, and I love it!

Steve Crawford

Steve Crawford has conducted at the Metropolitan Opera, Kentucky, Dayton, Opera Roanoke, Opera Idaho, Chautauqua, and many others. He has worked at numerous young artist programs, and coaches in Manhattan. I particularly love working Italian repertoire with Steve, but watch out --- he is famous for his sly musical puns. 
917 716 4619

Dan Kempson

One baritonal blogger you ought to be following is Dan Kempson. He's a smart writer who frequently addresses important industry issues, like sexual assault and how the ascendancy of YAPs is killing the business. His website blog isn't live yet, but you can find his writings on Medium --- and he gets a lot of Facebook shares, too!