Prince Orlovsky’s Ball

Cindy conceived, wrote, and will direct this production based on Die Fledermaus as the spring production at the Hurley School of Music, Centenary College of Louisiana. Performances are April 13 and 14, 2018. 

The action in Prince Orlovsky’s Ball is set in the late 1800s and takes place at the extravagant and exotic Viennese villa of the eccentric Russian Prince Orlovsky. The Prince’s philosophy is “to each his own” and “anything goes,” and his guests – an array of characters from different operas – take full advantage of this permissiveness, to comic effect. The eternally bored Prince has allowed one Dr. Falke to use the ball as the framework for an elaborate prank designed to exact revenge on Falke’s best friend, Gabriel von Eisenstein. Promising Orlovsky a grand entertainment, Falke invites dueling divas, scheming chorus girls, the governor of the jail, a lovelorn French soldier, and even Eisenstein’s own wife and chambermaid (in disguise!), all the while enacting plot to seduce the Prince’s own maid and foil her marriage to the butler. Matters  come to a head at the Vienna’s Got Talent Competition, held at the zenith of the ball.