"Astoundingly in-depth series of courses... essential"

"Cindy's Business of Singing classes are one of the most useful things a singer could experience while trying to make their way in the professional singing world at any capacity. Not only is there an amazing focus on how to specifically market yourself to the best of your abilities in every possible situation, it also includes invaluable knowledge about the business side of singing that is often only gained through actual experience as a working singer. So often a program or a music degree won't include anything about actually working as a singer beyond technique, stage experience, and acting, but Cindy's classes teach you how to effectively present those skills and how to monitor and run your experiences as a business. Cindy's experience in the business and her collaboration with other successful artists create an astoundingly in-depth series of courses that teach you everything you need as a working singer from taxes and management to social media platforms and audition materials. They are an essential supplement to anyone wishing to perform professionally as a singer!"

—Lauren Slagowski, soprano, graduate student

"'Real talk' advice and actionable ideas... left feeling motivated and empowered"

"Cindy has lots of experience and perspective to draw upon, being an opera professional working in several capacities; she also has the ability to get to the heart of your question quickly, talk about it frankly and constructively, and offer "real-talk" advice and actionable ideas. I found myself easily creating a "to-do" list from the feedback I received on my questions, and left her session feeling motivated and empowered."  

—Danielle Buonaiuto, soprano

"Excited to think of myself now as a small business owner"

Thank you again for your wonderful seminar last weekend. I am so glad we got to hire you! I have been going over my notes and the databases you have on your site, and I am very excited to think of myself now as a small business owner. I had not, until now, felt such a conviction that I have the ability to become a professional singer, let alone to do it according to my personal goals.

"Most inspiring and education"

Your seminar was easily the most inspiring and educational event that Student Opera At Portland State University (SOAP) has sponsored since its inception. I will be strongly urging next year’s administration to plan for a longer seminar with you next year so that more of your invaluable information can get to our singers. Thank you so much for providing this service for the good of the profession!
Tsipa Swan, Marketing Coordinator, Student Opera At PSU

"Valuable advice and suggestions"

It was great to see you again last week and to get a chance to tell you how very helpful my consultation with you four years ago turned out to be. As a result of that consultation I have had opportunities that didn’t even seem to be possibilities to me at the time! Given my change in circumstances, I had new and different questions for you. The coffee klatsch was a perfect opportunity to ask them. It was also great to chat with the other singers who came and to hear their questions. Looking over my notes on the session, I found all sorts of valuable advice and suggestions on topics I hadn’t thought to ask about. Thanks so much!
Joan Weiner, Soprano

"Empowered after each session"

I found Cindy’s sessions to be encouraging and just the right amount of motivation to really get me going. I felt empowered after each session to set realistic goals and make sure they are met. What I liked best was the friendly approach, the ‘no bones’ presentation of useful information, and the quality of the information. My favorite was Writing Your Own Business Plan, because this session really helped me to get specific about what I need to do. It also encouraged me to set goals and get going!
Ivy Gaibel

"Breadth of knowledge... fresh perspective"

I am a great fan of yours — my first introduction to your talents was through your ‘Ask Erda’ columns in Classical Singer. Thank you so much for sharing your humor and wisdom. I was so impressed at your breadth of knowledge and your ability to distill it and focus it on my particular strengths and weaknesses. You give me fresh perspective on what I present when I apply and audition, from my personal appearance to the layout of my resume. You encourage me while at the same time being honest in indicating the areas I need to polish.
Sarah Griffith