Purpose: To Educate

  • To Inspire
  • To Help
  • To Move
  • To Reexamine
  • To Refresh

#1 Goal: Opera's Oprah

  • Go-to artist with a multi-faceted empire

#1 Audience: Julie Taymor

  • Visionary female with commercial success who's always willing to take risks and break conventional molds.

#1 Self: (see quote)

I love Cindy Sadler. She is smart, accomplished, always classy, and her own woman. She’s a great artist: singer/writer/speaker and more. Cindy does Cindy at all times and she is FABULOUS. She does what she wants and doesn’t appear to care what her detractors think. On our last project, she took me on all sorts of “expeditions” as she called them; she inspired in me a sense of adventure and possibility, a love of travel, and taught me that I did not have to adhere to convention. She taught me to question things. I like her spirit and humor, and the fact that she is unapologetic about her body. She is an amazing artist, at the top of her field, but she is also a “normal” person with normal concerns. She’s down to earth, she takes zero shit, she’s funny and fun, totally accessible. She’s also unapologetic about being a leading soprano who isn’t the glam girl-supermodel type that so many people seem to feel they have to be these days. She is at the absolute top of her game. I really admire her singing and I love that she brings a really unique viewpoint to her characters and that she also takes zero shit. She controls how she is presented by directors. I would work with her again and again.
— Julie Taymor

WordCloud of "#1 Self"

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  • Director/Producer (Artsy Creative)
  • Author (Friendly Consultant)
  • Artistic Entrepreneur (Rockstar Boss Babe)
  • Singer (MET Leading Lady)

Shop and Return for:

Filter and Style for:

  • Julie Taymor
  • Sir Andrew Davis
  • Jake Heggie
  • A-house Conductors, Directors, Producers/Artistic Directors
  • Big dollar donors

Wardrobe Possibilities:

Studio Inspiration:

  • Beyond the notes and visual examples on this page...
    • Unapologetic and fabulous looks that SPOTLIGHT Opera's Oprah, Singer/Director/Author Cindy Sadler. 
    • Dress to impress Julie Taymor, A Houses, and get big dollar donors. You'll get the job/money when they can easily know, like, and trust you.
      • I do recommend you dress better than your day-to-day. These are "product" photos—or advertising. Compare travel or food photography to the usual experience (sans lighting, Photoshop, and other retouching)
        • For example, in my photos, I'm intentionally wearing suits, with pocket squares, and dress shirts without a tie. It creates trust, a bit of "wow" factor (and a value perception), yet still keeps me approachable. While my business day-to-day is just slacks and a button up shirt... that's also a bit of "dress up" to maintain the brand. Otherwise, most days you'd find me in jeans and a t-shirt or even sweat pants! 
      • Beyond the aspirational/advertorial filters for "YOU" and "THEM", I also want you to aim to keep things elegant, timeless, and classic. We want these images to show up on someone else's search to research you for inspiration... for decades down the road! You might think of "basics" - just make sure they are interesting and won't bore you or your audience! You can easily dress each piece (or look) up with quality of your garments/fabrics/cuts, as well as your hair, makeup, and accessories.



Elegant Leading Lady: Some glam via fabric, details, or cut.


Rockin' Creative/Artistic Entrepreneur

Rockin' Boss: Black Leather Jacket, zippers, interesting yet classic/timeless pieces



Artistic + Approachable Collaborator: Upscale version of your day-to-day, what you'd wear for your next NYT feature, a press event, etc.


Classic Headshot

Here's the artist/human... I prefer "celebrity portrait" style (very neutral... see Julie Taymor examples) which lets each audience member project their interpretation of who you are and all the types/roles/hats/wigs/costumes/roles you can rock out!