Project: You


Project: You


(A Guided Artistic Entrepreneurship Program)

Next cycle: September 15 - October 13, 2019

Inspiration, guidance, and accountability.

Mentorship for your career or special project.

Support from an intimate group of like-minded creatives .

Project: You is a five-week program developed by Cindy Sadler to help you focus on developing or upgrading the tools you need for your career, stimulating your creativity, and developing actionable strategies for success.


First, we gather and inspect your tools. Some of them may be a little rusty. Others may have served you well at one time, but now need an upgrade. And maybe you need to add a few new things to help you get the job done.

Together, we’ll do inventory on your press kit, website, social media, repertoire package, look, and  skill set. And then we’ll decide on actions, and make a plan.


Next, we choose a project to work on throughout the summer. We’ll gather information, brainstorm, and create strategy and deadlines to help you accomplish your goal. This could be a performance; a new audition package for the fall; choosing a university; launching a concert series; a campaign to find an agent; learning a role; or anything you can dream.

 We will brainstorm, strategize, support, review, and hold each other accountable as a friendly, positive group of colleagues.  Everyone will also meet with Cindy individually in a series of weekly private sessions for extra support.

Additional support includes:

-         A weekly two-hour online group meeting

-         A weekly 1:1 thirty minute work session with Cindy

-         Limited membership

-         Private, monitored online forum for daily access to extra support

Participation is limited to 10 people. Sign up today!


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